• Do you want to send invoices by email?
  • Are you looking to reduce your print and postage costs?
  • Is your ERP system holding you back?

With email and pdfs continuing to grow in importance for exchanging business information, many customers are looking for ways to add cost effective automation to their existing systems.

The ability to send invoices electronically, rather than by post, to reduce direct and indirect print and postage costs, is very compelling.

Some well embedded ERP systems don’t have the flexibility to allow for the adoption of the new practices.

This is where Quantor’s e-billing software can help to format the ERP print file, to enhance or replace paper based systems.

The ERP print files are imported into the software, the data is formatted, and the files are output as emails or enhanced print files for printing with cut sheet laser printers.

This means that customised messages, can be delivered to customers using their preferred method, post, email or online with no changes to the ERP system.

Typical E-Billing Applications:

  • Consolidate and then send invoices and statements
  • Create customised documents by adding images, product offers, T&Cs, etc
  • Store electronic file copies to a Document Management System
  • Add barcodes to documents

Key Functionality:

  • Format ERP documents
  • Replace line printers and preprinted stationery
  • Email ERP reports
  • Create multiple file formats: PDF, XML, CSV, XLS or HTML
  • Publish to SharePoint
  • Sort print jobs to reduce postage
  • Add OMR to documents
  • Add barcodes to documents
  • Create pallet or product labels (in native thermal printer language)
  • Lookup external ODBC data sources (SQL, Oracle, MySQL etc)

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