• Do you find that your staff are spending more time trying to cope with the growing tide of emails?
  • Are more and more of your suppliers submitting their invoices to you by email?
  • Would you like to automate the data capture of emailed invoices?

Sending invoices by email is a great way for companies to reduce their carbon footprint, automate the sales invoice process and reduce the costs of paper, printing and postage.

What often happens though is that the problems are passed on to their customers to deal with. Quantor’s Email Management System for Invoices helps you to avoid the additional costs of processing supplier invoices that are received by email.

The Email Management System for Invoices is a monthly pay as you go service based on the number of emails and invoices that are received, so there are no upfront investment costs. We will provide a unique email address for your suppliers to send to or simply redirect the emails that you receive to Quantor.

Data is captured from the invoice attachments and a file is produced to upload into your accounts package. Invoice images and reference data are hosted online or can be downloaded into your own system.

Don’t worry if the emails you receive don’t comply with the PDF rules of software vendors. We can take the data from Word, Excel and PDF files and scanned images too in tiff, pdf or jpg format.

try our services for free! See for yourself how you could save space, time and money.

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