Quantor’s document scanning services can handle a wide variety of documents, any size of paper document from a train ticket or receipt up to a large A0 format drawing.

Our dedicated team of experienced staff scan over 7,000,000 images per year, all quality checked and certified to our ISO 9001:2015 quality accreditation.

Here is an overview of the scanning process:

    • We collect from anywhere in the UK
    • Setup a dedicated Royal Mail PO box
    • Deliver documents by courier

    • Document control is essential for security and traceability
    • On arrival all work is registered in our database.
    • Work is tracked during the scanning process to provide an up to the minute view of the progress of the job.
    • Every box that we receive is given a unique serial number and when the work is allocated to team members they will record their time and activity in the database against these numbers.

    • The first stage is to prepare the documents to make them suitable for scanning. The basic process is to remove staples and insert document dividers, make sure the sheets are flat and are not folded over at the corners. Cross checking the contents of the boxes against customer reports is also done at the preparation stage.
    • The documents are scanned using up to date scanners and software.
    • Factors that are considered are:
      • What the scanning resolution should be?
      • Whether to scan in colour, greyscale or black and white?
      • Are the sheets single sided or double sided?
      • How to treat blank pages within a document?
      • What file format does the customer require?

    • An essential part of the document scanning service is to index the images so that they can be retrieved when required. Indexing or data capture is done by our in-house data entry staff so that we have full control over the quality and security of the images and the data that they contain.

    • Quality is checked at every step in the process.
    • Any errors that are found are rectified before moving on to the next stage.

    • The final step is to deliver the work. This is when the files and index data are output in the format required and either uploaded to online system, the customer’s system, or written to an encrypted DVD.

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