Expenses are probably the paperwork that most people love to hate!

Quantor Scanning however, has a solution to all those troublesome train tickets, till receipts and time-consuming tracking of expense receipts.

Simply send them all to Quantor Scanning and we will convert them into online images alongside the expense claim that managers can review and authorise without having to ever deal with any paperwork.

The expense system takes care of nominal codes, P11D requirements and the VAT of each claim and provides the necessary data to update the accounts and payroll systems so that everyone remains compliant.

How it works:

  • Claimant creates a claim online
  • System generates a claim number
  • Expenses receipts are sent to Quantor by post
  • The receipts are scanned and indexed with the claim number
  • Images are uploaded to online system
  • Claimant and approvers can access the claim within 24 hours of receipt of the claim

try our services for free! See for yourself how you could save space, time and money.

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