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Document Scanning reduces Filing

Pushing paper around the office Man pushing a pile of papertakes much more effort than many businesses realize. Many businesses still rely on paper-based systems, often out of pure habit, even though paper is no longer the most efficient way.

Instead, there’s an alternative, more efficient way to run your business. It involves reducing the amount of paper to help you increase your productivity, decrease operating costs and gain more time and space.

With the evolution of office technology, turning paper into data is just common sense. Just think how much more space you’d have if you didn’t have endless lever arch files, filing cabinets and archive boxes around the office. And how much time you’d save on printing, filing, photocopying and trying to find that bit of paper you’ve lost!! What if everything you needed (including all documentation past and present) was easily accessible from your PC via fully-searchable PDF’s. How efficient would that make you? How much time and money could you save?

Correspondence, emails, reports, contracts, records and orders are the lifeblood of every business. The busier a business is, the more of these are produced. Business growth doesn’t just involve getting more customers, it also involves more processes and more paperwork. How all this information is stored, shared and managed can totally affect business efficiency, and ultimately the success or otherwise of a business.

Many of us would like to escape from the mountain of paper we all work under. What if all the information you need, current documents as well as archived files, could be readily accessed from your computer in the form of fully-searchable PDF documents, reducing the amount of paper in your business. Imagine how much time and money that would save?

Just think how much more office space you’d have if you didn’t need filing cabinets. If you’re thinking you might soon have to relocate to bigger premises or move things around to try to squeeze in another desk, then think again. If may be that turning your paper into data could give you the room that you need. How much space is current utilized with shelves of files, filing cabinets or archive storage? At Quantor, we make it easy to transform your paper into data, free up some space and make your business more efficient.

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Moving Office?

Lady carrying boxes in office
Document scanning can reduce office moving costs.

Are you planning to move office in 2019, then make sure you’ve got ‘Call Quantor’ on your ‘moving to-do’ list? We can help you maximise the space in your new office by scanning and digitising your paper files before you move.

That way, you’ll reduce your moving costs, but you’ll also negate the need for archive boxes and filing cabinets as all your documents will be safely stored electronically, for easier access.

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The Golden Age of Paper!

Lever Arch FilesIs your office still celebrating the golden age of paper? Do you still have lots of filing cabinets, lever arch files and archive boxes? If so, have you thought about taking advantage of modern technology and storing all your documentation electronically instead?

You’ll save SPACE (less filing/archiving room required), save TIME (searching through paper files and on other paper-based admin), save MONEY (as we all know time is money!) whilst safeguarding and protecting your valuable information.

The team at Quantor can help you move your documentation into the 21st Century, whether you need assistance with project management, document scanning, sorting, shredding and/or storing.

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