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GDPR Starts to Bite

The GDPR deadline last year resulted in many companies reviewing how they manage their paper records with regards to storage, access and security.

One year on and some businesses have lost impetus in focusing on this, but one thing’s for sure, the Information Commissioners Office hasn’t!

Key GDPR Words
Key GDPR Words

Recent news articles are showing that the ICO is still keen to crack down on any businesses that don’t comply for example: .

For the businesses that contact Quantor, the areas that people are worried about the most include the storage, distribution and security of paper documents containing sensitive information.

Paper documents can be more vulnerable than digital ones, putting an organisation at risk of a data breach. In addition, data within paper is much harder to find, so GDPR’s rights to ‘be forgotten’, ‘right of access’, right to rectification’ and ‘right to restriction of processing’ are more difficult to comply with “without undue delay” when dealing with paper, than if all your documents were stored electronically.

GDPR sets down strict guidelines about data retention, to ensure organisations only keep data as long as necessary.

If your sensitive data is stored on paper, it’s quite hard to arrange and implement schedules for when data should no longer be kept. With digital documents however, data retention is far easier. It’s even possible to set rules and reminders as to when data should be reviewed.

The great thing about digital documents versus paper documents is that the online versions can be secured with passwords and made more secure with regular back-ups. Paper on the other hand, isn’t very secure, is easily lost or stolen, and has no back-up facility.

That’s why many businesses are converting paper documents into data to store all important and sensitive information online, in the form of fully searching PDF’s.

If you still have documents of value sat in drawers or stored away in files or archive boxes, now’s the time to review them again.

We can help you review your documentation and suggest cost-effective solutions to scan the important information to convert it from paper into fully indexed PDF’s, helping you increase efficiency by saving time, money and space.

If you’re not sure quite how or where to start, then  Contact Us to find out more or give Quantor a call…

Flexible Working Needs Flexible Document Access

Working on a trainLots of organisations now offer their staff some element of flexible working. Armed with laptops and Wi-Fi, it’s easy to work from anywhere, whether that’s at home, whilst on public transport or at a coffee shop.

Whilst flexible working has many benefits, transporting paper documents that may be needed to do the work isn’t so handy. Transporting paper documents anywhere isn’t ideal, as paper could get lost or misfiled when returned. Depending on the sensitivity of the information, lost or mislaid paperwork would be a security concern for organisations, especially since the introduction of GDPR.

At Quantor, we help businesses work smarter. By converting all paper documents into secure, easily accessible PDFs and hosting them online, means that all staff can access the information they need, when they need it without disturbing or inconveniencing any of their colleagues.

We’re offering a FREE TRIAL for businesses to experience the benefits of hosting their paper documents online. Just give us a call on 01543 377266 to find out more or Contact Us to find out more.

GDPR Paperwork Review.


Since the introduction of GDPR, many companies are reviewing how they manage their paper records.

How they are stored, how they accessed and the safety and security of this vital information.

For years, documents of value have sat in drawers unattended, or have been stored away in files or archive boxes – but now they need managing.

That’s where Quantor can help. We can come and review your documentation and suggest cost-effective solutions to scan the important information to convert it from paper into fully indexed PDF’s, helping businesses increase their efficiency by saving time, money and space.

Get in touch for a no obligation review of your archive filing.

Document Management for the 21st Century

Whilst many businesses still choose to store some of their most important documents in paper format, the reality is that it’s no longer the most secure method of storage.

Lever Arch File

These days, the safest way to store information is electronically, using a professional back-up system to ensure the information stays safe. That’s why companies are choosing to have any important paper information scanned to transfer important documentation from perishable paper to more permanent PDF’s.

Keep your information safe.

Quantor is helping many organisations better manage their data by scanning documents to create online versions that are more secure and easier to access.

Whether it’s HR files, receipts, gift-aid applications, large-format drawings or legal documents, just give us a call to find out more about how Quantor can help you digitise the information from your analogue folders.