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Donorflex Gift Aid Scanning Partnership

April 2009 was a very important date for Quantor. That was the date that the partnership between Quantor and Donorflex was announced and we are pleased to say it is still going strong. At the time Gift Aid was a very important revenue source for charities and it still is today.

During the intervening years over half a million Gift Aid documents have been scanned and safely archived, helping charities to manage their donor records and comply with HMRC rules.

To find out more about the Gift Aid scanning service click here.

Here’s the  original announcement:
Birmingham-based software specialist Care Data Systems and Quantor Scanning have joined forces to make life simpler all round for the fund-raiser and the taxman.

CDS’s donorflex system is used by 200 UK charities to run their entire operations, from recording donations through to running events and campaigns, and managing staff, stock and communications.

Its developers have created a special process for users to feed information about Gift Aid claims to Quantor, which scans original documents and returns the information on disk ready for importing back into donorflex – doing away with the piles of paper and cumbersome filing systems.

“We’ve been working with charities to scan their Gift Aid records since the middle of 2005 and we’ve been very focused on providing a quality service at a very affordable price,” says Quantor managing director Clive Dunkey. “During our discussions with charities, the name that came up over and over again was donorflex”.

From the start of discussions, the emphasis has been on how we can work together to provide donorflex customers with the right tools to manage their Gift Aid donations efficiently, without the need for expensive upgrades or bespoke software.

“I’ve been very impressed with the professionalism demonstrated by everyone I’ve met at Care Data, and the friendly way they conduct business, so I’m absolutely delighted that the relationship has developed, and the whole team at Quantor is very excited about the opportunities this opens up.”

CDS became a leading software supplier in the not-for-profit sector after emerging as part of the Acorns Children’s Hospice project in 1987. Acorns remains a cherished client in an impressive list that includes organisations like Symphony Hall, Crimestoppers, Sustrans, Quarriers, Reprieve and Blackpool Fylde & Wyre NHS Trust.

Managing director Brian Todd is equally pleased to be working with a partner that shares the same values as its many clients across the widest range of charity sectors. “We believe that in excess of £800m is processed using donorflex every year, and our objective is always to ensure clients can maximise every penny that comes through the door,” he adds. “Our close relationship with Quantor will undoubtedly be a huge benefit to causes across the country. Clive and his team are our kind of people – we know our charities will enjoy working with them too.”

Forms Data Capture – Helping a Hospice with GDPR Compliance

The introduction of the GDPR is getting closer by the day and there’s a lot of work going on right now to get permission from hospice supporters for continued contact after the GDPR introduction date on May 25th, 2018.

One hospice that we have been working with has tackled the problem by sending all their supporters a short survey inviting them to respond with their contact preferences.

Quantor’s role has been to help with the design of the form, set-up a dedicated PO Box for the responses, receive the completed forms and then scan and automatically capture the data from each form to provide a data file to update the Hospice’s donor database. Images have also been provided in PDF format so that each supporter record has a copy of the completed form attached.

Forms Design
Working with the Hospice, several versions of the form were tried out before the final version was agreed.

The form is made up of areas for an email address and telephone number, as well as tick boxes for preferences and there is a free text area for any additional comments.

An important part of the form is the data matrix barcode which is printed on it to identify the sender of the survey form so that it can be linked back to their record in the Donorflex database.

PO Box Service
A dedicated PO Box was set-up with the Hospice name in the address. The responses were delivered directly to Quantor via the PO Box for the scanning and data capture process.

Each day the Royal Mail delivered the completed survey forms, which were logged and then scanned to capture the data.

Forms Processing
Using special forms processing software, the information on the forms is converted to a text file that is used by the Hospice to update its supporter’s preferences.

When all the work for the day is completed the PDF images and the database records are ready for importing to the Donorflex database.

Further Information
If you would like to know more about the Quantor forms processing and data capture service then please contact us.