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Has your Gift Aid scanning lost its Edge?

It has been reported that users of Blackbaud’s Raisers Edge have been given only a matter of a few days’ notice that they will have to find a new supplier to scan and host all their gift aid forms. This leaves their charity customers struggling to find an alternative supplier.

Many are turning to Quantor, whose proven Gift Aid scanning service has helped a host of charities, to bridge the gap. With over 80 charity customers, Quantor has years of experience and is well placed to assist customers looking for a cost effective, professional scanning service.

Simon Pott, Quantor Sales Manager said, “as a major Gift Aid solution provider, we can offer a seamless transition to our on-line platform for all those people that are looking for a new home for their donor’s gift aid forms”.

Please see our Gift Aid Scanning Service for more information or contact us today .

Flexible Working Needs Flexible Document Access

Working on a trainLots of organisations now offer their staff some element of flexible working. Armed with laptops and Wi-Fi, it’s easy to work from anywhere, whether that’s at home, whilst on public transport or at a coffee shop.

Whilst flexible working has many benefits, transporting paper documents that may be needed to do the work isn’t so handy. Transporting paper documents anywhere isn’t ideal, as paper could get lost or misfiled when returned. Depending on the sensitivity of the information, lost or mislaid paperwork would be a security concern for organisations, especially since the introduction of GDPR.

At Quantor, we help businesses work smarter. By converting all paper documents into secure, easily accessible PDFs and hosting them online, means that all staff can access the information they need, when they need it without disturbing or inconveniencing any of their colleagues.

We’re offering a FREE TRIAL for businesses to experience the benefits of hosting their paper documents online. Just give us a call on 01543 377266 to find out more or Contact Us to find out more.