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A Managed Approach to Large Format Scanning

Large Format Scanned Blueprint
Large Format Scanned Blueprint

When a large engineering company needed help to convert their archive of large format drawings into PDF format, they turned to Quantor Scanning for help.
With more than 15 years’ experience of converting plans and drawings into easily accessible images Quantor Scanning were the natural choice for the project. Using the latest technology and an experienced scanning team Quantor can demonstrate a productivity rate that many in-house scanning functions would find hard to match.

The drawings, which range in size from A0 down to A4, had been kept securely in the company’s archive for many years and were frequently needed for maintenance and remanufacturing work. However, because of their inherent value, the need to retrieve plans quickly when required, and that general wear and tear was causing damage to the drawings, the decision was taken to have them scanned.

Working from their base in the West Midlands, Quantor Scanning collected batches of drawings from the customer’s premises in the London area on a monthly basis.

Once the drawings were on site they were graded for size and quality, and they were also assessed for any damage that needed repairs completing before the scanning was carried out.

The grading process revealed that there was a lot of variation in the background density of the tracing paper that had been used for the drawings. However, using modern scanning technology, the exposure of the scan could be altered to retain the fine detail without needing to rescan the original. This helps with the productivity of the work.

After the drawings have been scanned the image quality of each drawing is checked and then it is indexed with the drawing number. When this is complete the PDFs are copied to an encrypted disk ready for despatch.

The end result is a library of PDFs that have been copied to the company’s shared network drive, that are easily searchable, and that have already proven their worth by reducing the time it takes and costs involved in the retrieval process.

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